? Why is the data important and how does it support the issue you are covering?

Cultural Identity can let social balance and create new cultural

Subject: English
Examination the research data to answer the following (must address at least three areas listed):
? Why is the topic a problem or solution?
? What is social responsibility in brief terms?
? How do you propose to be a part of the solution?
? Does Media play a part in your topic?
? What is the outlook for the issue or solution?
? Why is the data important and how does it support the issue you are covering?

The essay will include the standard introductory paragraph with thesis and conclusion. The paper must include Four (4) outside research sources one of which must be a book. The paper must include at least eight (8) citations (quotations) from the texts to support your claim. You will also need a Works Cited Page for this paper. This paper should be 4-5 pages in length, use 12 pt Times New Roman or Arial fonts and have 1 inch margins. Spacing should be ‘double spaced’. Use the sample heading below for your paper & DO NOT use a cover page. Please use MLA format appropriate for a research paper.

1.cultural identity is beneficial to enhance the vitality of culture.
2. Insisted that every culture is an effective method for resolving ethnic and social conflict.
3.Identification of the different culture is conducive to innovation.
4. Understand and respect different cultures, can reduce the ethnic discrimination and cultural discrimination.


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