The Internet Information Hunt

The Internet Information Hunt
The assignment that you will be working on now will be done using the Internet, in order to locate answers to a series of questions.

The following URLs (Universal Resource Locator – also known as web addresses) should be visited first, but you are not limited to only them. The answers to the questions are found at these websites. Try to think of three additional questions that are relevant to you about search engines and then try to find the answer on these or other sites. List your reasons for choosing the additional questions. Before each URL ensure that you have typed [http://]. You must identify your answer to the question(s) and you must cite the web site where you got the information.

Links for Multiple Search Engines

Other Related Sites
Answer the following questions:

What is a search engine (hint: start with and click on the Help/Info Centre link)?
How are search engines used?
Identify three Canada-based search engines.
Select your two favourite search engines and provide a rationale for your choices.
What is the purpose of enclosing the search in quotation marks?
What is the purpose of using a + sign in a search?
What is the purpose of using a – sign in a search?
What is the purpose of using the word AND in a search?
Identify three brands of web-page design software.
What is the function of web-page design software?
What design characteristics should be considered when creating a web page?
Define the following terms:
World Wide Web
Web Page
Web site
Search Engine

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