the Advisory Opinion by the International Court of Justice

Topic: the Advisory Opinion by the International Court of Justice on the Kosovo Declaration of Independence, given on 22 July 2010
The purpose of the first assessment for A.L.R.M. is to assess your understanding of the skills material covered in the first three weeks of sessions. Specifically this assessment seeks to ascertain whether you are able to locate an authoritative version of an international law case, identify key pieces of information contained within the judgment, summarise the key facts, arguments and decisions presented, and correctly reference the case (and any other sources you may use) when cited.
The case that will be studied in this assessment is the Advisory Opinion by the
1. Please provide a full OSCOLA-compliant reference for this advisory opinion.
2. Who initiated this Advisory Opinion and on what legal authority had the Court jurisdiction?
3. Was the jurisdiction challenged?
4. Who was presiding over the Court?
5. In what forms had evidence been presented to the Court?
The Advisory Opinion was not unanimous: what was the split between those in the majority and those in the minority? Separate opinions were also appended to the judgment; how do these differ from the dissenting opinions? [You will need to look beyond the judgment to find the answer to the second question.]
7. What was the central legal question at the heart of this Advisory Opinion? What were the salient background facts to that question?
8. Outline the arguments presented for and against on this question.
9. What was the Court’s finding and reasoning on the question of Kosovo�s Declaration?
10. In what languages and to whom were copies of the judgment sent?
There is no word count for this assessment but please write concisely.