Target Corporation

Target Corporation
Corporate Profile Module I: 1) Introduce your company. what does it do? How did it get started? How does it add value? Who are the customers it competes for? What risks confront the company? What type of business is it-goods-producing or service? What industry does it operate in? What is it knowe for? Write an opening paragraph that engages your reader from the outset! 2) State its mission, vision, and values. Define these terms using the definition from Bovee and Thill. The mission: Most companies state their mission on their websit. Use your company’s own words in your paper. The vision: You may have difficulty finding a statement of you company’s vision; if you can’t find it, you should state the vision in your own words based on what you have read about the company’s philosophy and values on its website. 3) Analyze your company’s mission statement. Is it just “vague happy talk” or does it really say why the company exists?

Corporate Profile Module II: 1) Discuss corporate ethics. Define business ethics. How does your company approach corporate ethics and what guidelines does it set forth? Does it adhere to what it says? 2) Discuss the concept of “Corporate Social Responsibility. ” Who are the company’s stakeholders? How does your company fulfill its responsibilities to its primary stakeholders-owners, employees, and customers? What approach does it use to CSR-Minimalist, Cynical, Defensive, or Proactive? 3) Discuss workforce diversity. Define this concept. Why is workforce diversity important? How does your company obtain or try to obtain a diverse workforce? Does it have a diversity policy? What evidence do you find that your company carries out ( or fails to carry out ) its policy?

Corporate Profile Module III: Discuss the marketing concept and why it is important to a business. What factors in the external environment affect your company? (Cosider economic conditions, the natural environment, social and cultural trends, laws and regulations, and technology-p. 293 of Bovee and Thill.) who constitutes your company’s target market? What market-coverage strategy does your company use-undifferentiated, differentiated, concentrated, or micromarketing?) what media does it use to communcate the company’ image and marketing message?

Globalization 1) why do companies engage in international trade? (pp. 49-50) Is your company “global”? If it isn’t, why do you think it has chosen to remain purely domestic? 2) If it is global, what cultural and legal differences does it encounter in the global business environment? (pp. 58-61) 3) what form of international business activity does it engage in? (pp. 62-64) 4) Which strategic approaches does your company use? (pp.64-65) 5) If your company does not engage in international business activity, what country do you think would be good for your company’s expansion, and what strategic approach would you suggest? 6) if your company does have international operations, do you think the selected strategy is working? Would you change anything about your company’s strategy?

Corporate Profile Module IV: Google finance and Yahoo finance are excellent resources for your discussion of the financial performance of your company. Comparisons to other companies in the industry will serve to enhance your paper. Follow your class finance notes for this section. 1) Describe your organization’s financial performance. Insert the financial tables as explained in class. 2) Include and describe the Value Line report for your company. 3) How would you evaluate your company’s performance? 4) What are the prospects for future performance? 5) Perform a brief SWOT analysis on your company

You can use tables to summarize the data in this section.

Corporate Profile Module V: 1) find an article ( or multiple articles) that discusses an important issue currently facing your company. 2) How do you think your company is positioned for the the future? Is your company an industry leader who will continue a position of leadership? Is your company losing market share? Look into the future and predict how your company will perform in the next five years with some justification for your answer……………….