Road Map

Topic: Assignment 2 Content Road Map
Assignment 2 Content Road Map
RationaleAs you have probably noticed, we don’t have an exam in HPS111. We know that exams are often
anxiety provoking and can encourage students to rote learn material. We would rather you have
time to work through the content knowledge in this unit, and spend time thinking about how the
different ideas and concepts relate to one another, as well as how you relate to them. This is a much
more meaningful way to engage with the material we cover, and at the end you have a great set of
resources that you can refer back to in other units.
Your task is to create six (6) concept maps, one for each topic we cover in HPS111. A concept map is
a visual representation of information, showing the relationships and interconnections that exist
information about what a concept map is in the interactive assignment guide (in CloudDeakin). You
can also head to this website for detailed information
The six concept maps you complete will be assessed by your tutor for knowledge of the discipline