Operating and Recovery Room

Topic: Operating and Recovery Room
Students are expected to complete the following objectives in the form of a research paper.
The paper should be double spaced using 12 point font with a length of 2-3 pages.
1. Describe safety measures that are carried out to protect a client before surgery and during surgery. Apply the current guidelines of the National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) and QSEN standard to your answer.
2. Identify at least 5 basic rules of surgical asepsis. What is the scientific rationale for each protective measure?
3. Describe at least 5 infection control practices that you see in the operating room. What is the scientific rationale for each practice?
4. Identify one nursing diagnosis related to Bladder Cancer surgical experience. Include one measurable expected outcome and 2 nursing interventions for the selected diagnosis that moves the client towards the achievement of the expected outcome. Include a scientific reference for the choice of the nursing diagnosis and each nursing intervention.
1. Describe the criteria used to assess a client in the recovery room (ie: Aldrete Scale.) How are the client’s needs prioritized during the recovery room experience? Interpret the criteria used to assess a client in recovery room.
2. Identify and describe the anesthetic agents used for a client’s surgical procedure. Describe the advantages, disadvantages and implications for administration for the agents used.
3. Identify 5 specific complications you would anticipate for a client considering the type of surgery and anesthetic agent administered? (Provide evidence based research to support your answer.)
4. Explain the rationale for the usage of IV fluids and/or blood products administered in PACU.