Manage Workplace Diversity

Manage Workplace Diversity

1. Details of organisation( I already done on report)

2. Outline the current policies and procedures that relate to diversity in your workplace. This can include written or verbal policies and procedures.(Already done please have a look)

3. Research current systems used to measure workplace diversity, e.g. The Diversity Maturity Curve or DND Helix or another recent system.
a. Explain in detail each section of your chosen system( I’m using Maturity Curve)
b. Where is your organisation currently situated? Why? Justify your answer with examples. (Already done please have a look)

4. Develop a diversity audit that would be appropriate for your organisation. Minimum 10 questions. These should be for your staff NOT Management. Explain why you have included each question on next page. Support your answer with references. (Audit I done already but didn’t do the explain on next page yet)

5. Describe some of the potential problems and /or issues your organisation could currently be having with promoting and supporting a diverse workforce.

6. Discuss five(5) strategies the organisation could implement to improve respect for diversity in the workforce. Explain why the strategies are appropriate to your organisation. You must include practical examples of the strategies you will use.

7. Write a Diversity Policy and Procedures for your organisation.

8. What benefits do you see the organisation obtaining if they implement your strategies? Discuss how this business can use their workplace diversity to enhance their business. Use examples from your business to support your statements.

9. Discuss how you could be a role model for diversity at your workplace


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