Executive Memo

Topic: Executive Memo
Please write a MEMO on the case: 1) You just landed a coveted summer internship at PwC in their global Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences practice. You are assigned to a new manager who recently transferred from the Agriculture and Natural Resources division. He calls you in to his office on a Friday afternoon and with an anxious look says, “I need your assistance. I’ve been asked to fill in for a colleague at a lunch meeting next week with my boss to pitch  on a big consulting project related to his company’s work in the personalized medicine sector. This is a totally new area for me and I need a good briefing on the topic. Start with the basics. What is personalized medicine? What companies are involved in this sector and in what capacity? How far along are we in making personalized medicine a reality and for whom?”
I will later update the format. What makes a good memo and a powerful
Please also refer to powerful provided as a resource.