Advertisement Analysis Paper

Advertisement Analysis Paper

The purpose of the Advertisement Analysis Paper is to thoroughly analyze an ad (newspaper, magazine, radio, web or other) and look for elements that tell the reader something about that specific product or service. These elements can be implied or exposed directly to the audience. The writer should focus on these elements in order to present a clear argument about how this advertisement can influence people’s attitudes towards a certain object or idea, and then analyze them carefully to discover if the message implied is successful or not. The required length is 3-5 pages.

• What kind of source does the ad come from?
If it is from a newspaper or magazine, what kinds of articles are in it? If it is from a website, what else is on the site?
• Who is the target audience (age, gender, social class, education level, etc.) of this ad?
• What other types of ads are in this source?
• What types of pictures are in the ad?
• How do these factors help or hurt the ad you are analyzing?

Body: Describe in detail what is in the ad. (Example: The ad for this particular clothing product features a man with his son and dog at the end of a dock on a warm summer day. The father and son are wearing button down shirts, khaki slacks,
and they wear calm, happy expression on their faces. Both seem relaxed and comfortable.)

a) How do the elements in the ad make you want to buy or want to use the product?
b) How do you think buying or using this product will affect you?
c) Describe information that makes the ad’s claim valid (if you believe it to be).
Example: Underwear X is extremely comfortable (it is made from 100% cotton)

Conclusion: Reflect upon whether or not the message gets through and if the ad is effective. Would you consider buying this product in the future over another? Why or why not?

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