Adam Smith and Rousseau

Topic: Adam Smith and Rousseau
Paper instructions:
one inch margins, 12 pt font, Times New Roman

Must cite in the text and when making citations cite the actual page and line number in the text.

Both Smith and Rousseau are concerned with economic domination, but their accounts of how it arises, and how to solve it, seem importantly different. Compare their accounts of domination, and argue for the superiority of one position.



Rousseau: Discourse on Inequality

Rousseau: Social Contract Parts 1-2, Gracchus Babeuf /Sylvan Marechal: Manifesto of the Equals

Adam Smith: Theory of Moral Sentiments

Adam Smith: Wealth of Nations

Interpret the text yourself.

No personal preferences.

1) Does the paper take a position on the topic and provide an informed and thoughtful defense of that position? Are counterarguments addressed?

2) Does the paper provide an accurate interpretation of the relevant texts and demonstrate understanding of the ideas and arguments found therein?

3) Does the paper make effective use of textual references and provide analysis of the textual references employed?

4) Does the paper answer the question? Does it clearly articulate its reasoning? Is the writing graceful and free of error?

You’re expected to make an argument

This means a clear thesis statement in your introduction, a preview of what you will argue and the line of your argument (e.g. “I will argue that Aristotle’s claim that ‘man is a political animal’ is convincing for reasons x, y and z but that it fails to account for a and b. NOTE: “I will explore this text /question and hope to reach some conclusions” or such like is not a thesis).