A rhetorical analysis in human trafficking

Topic: human trafficking
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The textbook to be used in this paper is global issues,local arguments second addition by June Johnson page 481 reading human trafficking by david a feingold.
In your rhetorical analysis you should accomplish multiple goals as you examine closely how the text I selected is put together to create a specific effect. In your essay you should identify the writer angle of vision. You should also identify the rhetorical context , including the specific purpose of the argument that the writer is attempting to make, as well as the intended audience of the reading selection.Include a brief summary of the argument in the selection, including what you identify as the overall claim,reasons, and evidence presented by the writer. In identifying the intended audience,you should consider the genre of the reading selection. Examine the use of classical appeals to logos,ethos,pathos in the reading selection you analyze.Document any material you take from the reading selection according to mla format using parenthetical citations in text.Provide intro phases for any direct quote. Affix a list of work cited adhearing to mla style to essay. It should be only one citation which is book and the reading within .