Implement a project involving statistical procedures.

Implement a project involving statistical procedures. The topic may be something that is related to your work, a hobby, or something you found interesting.Use the example described below.<br />
percentage of data within one standard deviation of the mean, percentage of data within two standard deviations of the mean, percentage of data within three standard deviations of the mean (include explanation and interpretation). For a bell-shaped distribution, the respective percentages are approximately 68%, 95%, and 100%. Do your percentages imply that your data distribution is approximately bell-shaped? Note that the answer could be Yes or No, depending on your data. You can also look at the shape of your histogram (is it roughly bell-shaped?) as well as the percentages when making your judgment.<br />
conclusion (several paragraphs interpreting your statistics and graphs; relate to the purpose of the project)<br />
Compare the amount of sugar in a standard serving size of different brands of cereal. (You may instead choose to compare the amount of fat, protein, salt, or any other category in cereal or some other food.)<br />
Procedure: Go to the grocery store (or your pantry) and pick at least 10 different brands of cereal. (Instead of choosing a random sample, you might purposely pick from both the “healthy” cereal types and the “sugary” ones.)</p>
From the cereal box, record the suggested serving size and the amount of sugar per serving. The raw data is the serving size and amount of sugar per serving for each of the 10 boxes of cereal. Before calculating the statistics on the amount of sugar in each cereal, be sure you are comparing the same serving size.</p>
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