Communication Audit Report

The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate your ability to research, investigate, analyse, interpret and critique communicative interaction, processes and systems within an organisational context.

The Task: Assuming that effective communication is at the heart of organising, then maintaining the health of communication is an essential activity. One means of assessing the communication within an organisation is a communication audit. A communication audit is an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation’s internal communication processes and systems for the purpose of diagnosing communication problems and proposing strategies for improvement. Communication audits can focus upon any work related communication. However, for this report you must respond to one of the following options.

1. What are the key strengths and weakness of the flow of communication within the organisation (horizontal, diagonal, upward and downward—you do not need to address all four)?

2. What are the key strengths and weakness of the communication climate within the organisation (see defensive and supportive communication behaviours)?

3. An option of your own choice that must be approved by the course coordinator.

The report is 3000 words in length excluding the reference and is double spaced and edited for grammatical errors. Any essay containing plagiarised materials will be reported. While the teaching team is not able to review essay drafts, we are happy to answer specific questions.

The Structure: This report must follow the standard report format consisting of:

1. Title page

2. Letter of transmittal

3. Table of contents

4. List of figures, illustrations and tables

5. Executive summary

6. Introduction

7. Scope

8. Body of the report

a. Methods

b. Results

c. Discussion and analysis

9. Conclusions

10. Recommendations

11. References/bibliography

12. Appendices