Sonnys Blues by James Baldwin

Sonnys Blues by James Baldwin
Order type: Research Paper

1. Write on one of the works examined in the course so far. Write on an idea that appeals to you, an idea that you could develop in a researched essay. For example, if you enjoyed James Baldwin?s short story Sonny?s Blues, you could write an essay exploring the role of suffering. Make a thesis statement (first or last sentence of introduction) that claims the precise emotional, communicative problem of the speaker in the poem. Then, explore your thesis throughout your essay. Also, as stated, use the quotes from literary critics or even biographers that demonstrate the suitability of your thesis to the writing in question. If you find quotes from critics that you disagree with, they are good to use as well–you may counterargue those quotes in your discussions. Of note, do not write a paper just telling me what the poem or story is about.



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