Clinical Time Log

Topic: Gang Violence/Drug Abuse in East Orange NJ

Submit the attached completed time log documenting at least 90 hours of clinical experience in community health.

1. Include the appropriate acknowledgments, your handwritten or typed signature, date and RN License number on the time log.

Note: Use the attached Community Health Fieldwork Documentation Form and be sure to include the date, the location, a description of the experience, a brief list of people who were involved, and the amount of time spent for each event. This should be included as an appendix.

I suggest going to events that have multiple people you can speak to at the same place, like health fairs. You can collect a variety of perspectives at one stop. No online anything is counted, or time spent writing, researching or preparing. However, you can count note-taking time, however, up to 30 mins per activity.
You will want to show that you have a assessed a broad range of perspectives and not just limited number of sources.
I have detailed instruction below on how to write the task, after you have completed the hours.

The field work is an assessment. It is as if your county officials had come to you and said “We know we have this health concern, we know our county is one of the worst in the state. We want you to look into it for us and write an action plan for improvement.” So your role in the field work is doing a county wide assessment related to preventing this concern and the factors that contribute to it. You are in the assessment mode. You are casting a wide net of assessment throughout the county, talking with representatives of agencies, institutions, organizations, and entities within the community that are (or should be) working on preventing this concern. The focus is on what can the community do collectively to prevent this problem. The focus is not on individuals or families. In public health, we believe in the phrase “it takes a village” and this assessment is about what is the village doing to prevent this problem, not on what individuals are doing or not doing. The focus is not on education as the remedy but on what needs to change in the environment of the community to make it conducive to preventing this concern.