language profile paper

Final paper – general structure and guidelines
10 pages, 1.5 spacing and 12 font Times New Roman

First research question: what is the language profile of the UTM students.
Second research question: generated by students based on what we learned in the course:
hint: variables in the questionnaire can be linked together in order to form research questions.

1. Introduction
a. Assertion-the importance of the topic
b. Why is the topic important-succint
c. Aim – main thesis
d. Presentation of the sections to come

2. Previous work with examples
a. pick out 3 to 5 articles that will be followed and restate the main thesis and
how is related to this previous work
b. restatement in more specific terms of what the problem is and how it is to
be resolved (or problem from the previous work that will be adopted)
c. Research question(s) and hypotheses

3. New study
a. Methodology : description of participants, data collection instrument, how
it was administered
b. Results (use of tables, diagrams, etc)
c. Analysis of the results

4. Discussion & conclusion
a. Integration of the results within the previous work – how do the new
findings contribute to what we already knew