Ethical Lens inventory

Ethical Lens inventory
Study Books Used in Class:

American Psychological Association. (2010).

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington DC: Author.

Pozgar, G.D. (2013).Legal and ethical issues for health professionals (3rd ed.). Sudbury, MA:
Jones and Bart lett. [ISBN: 978 – 1-4496-7211-9]

American Nurses Association. (2010). Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses. Washington, DC:
Author. [ISBN: 978-1-55810-258-3].American
Nurses Association. (2001).

Code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements.
Washington, DC: Author. [ISBN: 978-1-5581-0176-0].
it can be viewed at

Ethical Lens Inventory (ELI) & Topic Based Simulation Combo
Description: This is a 3-paged paper. Use One and half for the first paper, then distribute the rest amongst peer response (student #1 and Student #2). Please do not combine your response, all three works should be done separate from the other.


1st paper- My response to the Ethical Lens Inventory (utilizing text readings and materials)

2nd- Respond to Student #1 (Utilizing required text reading)

3rd- Respond to student #2 (utilizing required text readings)

References should be those required to do the work, eg internet sites and textbooks and any others.