sexual violence as a tool of genocide

sexual violence as a tool of genocide
Study Books Used in Class:
Ronald Takaki. A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America (revised edition). Boston: Little, Brown and
Company, 1993.

Description: IMPORTANT! Your response is not a summary of the assignment – rather you should express what you discovered and learned from the reading or film, etc. – what are the historical and cultural legacies, links and underpinnings; what was significant about the historical content; what was/is the short term or long term effect / legacy on the groups of people discussed in the assignment. When applicable, address socioeconomic issues, justice, activism and advocacy, human rights, civil rights, equal rights, health, education, etc. Students should provide an in depth discussion of the material. This is not a critique of the author or a summary or the information.

Required Format
Most responses require 2 – 4 full pages; see each individual assignment for length requirements
12pt. Times New Roman font
Double space
1” margins on all sides – top, bottom, left and right margins; most computers are set to 1.25 margins, so be sure you adjust your margins.
Be sure you start your NARRATIVE 1” from the top of your paper
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Grammar and spelling count.