Senior Capstone Project

Senior Capstone Project

Order type: Essay
Case 1: Purchase Point
Media Corporation (PPMC)

This case is based on actual financial projections developed
and provided by a publicly traded firm, Purchase Point Media
Corporation (PPMC). Carefully examine the PPMC projections,
which are presented in a sequence and format suitable for
break-even calculation and analysis. After you calculate the
break-even point, use additional, publicly available information
to come to a decision with respect to market potential.
The increase in the price per share of PPMC stock suggests
that, over time, the market may have reacted to their results
and analyses, using a comparable methodology.

• Identify discernable errors, irregularities, and improprieties
in style and format within publicly reported data
• Meet financial statement presentation requirements for a
specific “real world” example
• Determine whether financial information provided follows
generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) or is
presented in “good form”
• Distinguish between the substance and form of
financial statements
• Estimate variable and fixed costs for a publicly
traded company
• Assess publicly disseminated information from publicly
traded companies to determine the feasibility of market
potential and market penetration




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