Second Life

Second Life
Study Books Used in Class:
Second Life software
Description: our Final Project will rely on the knowledge and experience you gathered from your time in Second Life, as well as the class blog. You are required to write a two-to-three page essay that discusses the following:
What is Second Life, and how did it originate?
What factors contributed to the development of Second Life?
What effects has Second Life had on society, culture, and individuals?
What ethical issues have arisen from this technology?
The essay should be written with a word processor to take advantage of the spell and grammar check tools. College-level writing is expected. Your essay should have a solid introduction and a conclusion. Create a title page for your essay with a title, your name, course and section, and date.
Your essay should use several different resources, and you are required to cite your information using APA citation formatting. Rio Salado’s Online Library has several resources that explain how to do this correctly.