an argument

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Description: Create an argument in favor of one of these two positions A or B:

A). That undocumented workers should be granted amnesty and a green card; after five further years’ residence and work in the United States, they should be able to obtain citizenship. This amnesty will be one time only.
B). That no amnesty of undocumented workers should be granted and that increased efforts should be made to arrest and deport undocumented workers to their home countries, with no chance to return to the United States; furthermore, those who have employed them should, if found guilty, pay a substantial fine per undocumented worker and, if they hold government contracts, be stripped of those contracts.


*****Please click on the link below to access your ONLY allowable sources (This week’s readings, Week 9). Once you open the link please scroll down to page 2 (CONTENTS), and use the readings for WEEK 9 list, as your ONLY sources to answer the question above. You can click directly on the listing and it will open to the reading. Please be as specific as possible and please use at least 3 of the readings as sources.********