The impact of global warming on automobile exhaust

“The term paper will be 1500 – 2000 words in length, and
due on Friday, December 4. The topic will be chosen by
the student, but approved by the instructor.” (from syllabus)
Should report information and ideas beyond what was
covered in class. Should be well written, and present a clear
point of view or argument.
Does not necessarily have to involve chemistry, if a more
political or sociological approach is preferred.
Plagiarism is unacceptable!
– if reproducing text from a source, put it separately in
quotation marks, and reference the source.
Should include at least 3 references (any source, but not
just Wikipedia!).
– Must be referenced in text as citations (do not just list
as a bibliography)
– Can use any citation system, just be consistent (e.g.
ACS, APA, CSE (Biology?)…)
Grammar, style important
Good introduction and conclusion; clear thesis statement
Term papers will be graded on:
 introduction, conclusion
 spelling, grammar
 research
 style, presentation
 content, thoroughness
 references/bibliography
You should have your topic by now, and begin
working on your paper!!!!