Students and instructor’s perceptions of blended learning in the first electronic university in the Arab world (Saudi Electronic University)

I am doing MPhil and PhD as you know I have to do an upgrade meeting If I want to transfer to PHD level.
Until now I did write around 12 thousand words I submitted it for upgrade meeting unfortunately I did not pass. The examiner gave me the suggestion and comments about my work and offering me another chance and it is the last chance for me. I am under the risk If I do not pass I have to withdraw from the program, If I could pass by meeting what they suggest I will able to work with you for more than three years until I finish from PHD .

Now I need your help to work with their suggestion and comments and write any new thing you think it is important and change or delete or reschedule any subject.

I will submit my file work which they ask me to submit it again maximum 10 thousand words.
I will submit the feedback from the examiner under the name(Upgrade report) and I will submit my supervisor feedback and comments about the examiner’s report under the name (written feedback from my supervisoer)
I will submit the latest articles related to my subject especially the definition of blended learning under the name (Articles).
I will submit the latest thesis related to my subject and you can have a look to it and it will help you for example (The Saudi culture and framework the Saudi policy and learning system.

Please have a look to it and cite the important thing and meet the request from the examiner.

My university is the first university in the world for education subject and the examiner (martin oliver) are really specialist in my topic you can have a look to his publish :

I also submit the articles he suggest in the report file such as :
can blended learning be redeemed

I do not you to write everything in once time what I want you to do is understand my file and report file and make a plane for what are you going to write and change and the new hidings for the chapters then I will ask my supervisor about it as I have meeting next Wednesday If he agree about your plan I will let you know then you can start.

What I am think is that the report is really helpful and guidance for upcoming work.

If you write the words that I paid for it and you think there is impotent subject or ideas let me know the I will see.

If you need any questions or clarification about any thing let me know about it.