Vegetarian diets vs Statins

Critical Review 1 Vegetarian diets vs Statins

Order Instructions:
Each student will be required to produce a one-page summary (critical review) of research papers on nutrition.

The paper considers the health benefits of vegetarian diets relative to drugs for lowering CVD risk factors.

You will be required to produce a one-page summary (a 1-A4 page; font 12 critical review) of research paper on nutrition topics.
The aim of Assignment 1 is to critically review a research paper.

The critical review requires students to read and understand a research paper. This may take several readings to get a good understanding of the contents. Students should read Abstract, Introduction and Tables first then the Methods and Results and finally the Discussion. In writing a one A4 page review (font 12), students need to present the information in lay terms, as though the reader of the review (the boss of a food company for example) had not read the articleand could not understand scientific terms – thus a summary of the key features of the study with sufficient introduction to explain why it was undertaken, along with the important results and a brief discussion of these under suitable headings (as many as you think are required).

To do this, imagine you are working for a company (consider what sort of company this information would be valuable to) and you are employed to critically review this information for them and finish by saying what is relevant to them.

Note: Do not assume a paper is always representative of high quality research, some studies can be quite poor and you should learn to detect this and indicate this in your critical review.