Presentation Pitch of the Marketing Plan

Presentation Pitch of the Marketing Plan
WRITERS INSTRUCTIONS FOR Assessment 2: Presentation Pitch of the Marketing Plan for D. Jones.

Your task is to create a presentation where you pitch a marketing initiative to the executive or board at your organisation (who therefore already know a lot of things about the company).

The objective is toconvince them that you have:

Identified an imperative(a challenge or opportunity that needs to be addressed)
Come up withthe right strategies to solve it

The presentation – ESSENTIALS

Prepare a presentation that draws upon yourSituation and SWOT Analysis and the marketing initiative you identified from that report.
Length:5 minutes maximum(write 700-750 words excluding referencing, citations).
Include a briefsummary of your Situation and SWOT Analysis that led to your marketing initiative.
Outline the marketing strategiesyou have chosen to implement this initiative.
Make use of graphs, images and video and manage your presentation so that you get your key points across. Think carefully about how you structure your presentation.
Use AGPS Harvard referencing format.

The pure content aspect of your presentation is represented in the knowledge criterion for this assessment. See the Criteria sub-heading below for more information.

Presentation structure – MUST BE FOLLOWED

Introduce yourself and your company and why you are here
Summarise your SWOT Analysis (Assessment 1)
Highlight something special about the situation analysis (Assessment 1) (e.g. company values, positioning).
What is the challenge you are addressing?
Describe the nature and special features of your solution.
Make your recommendations explicit. (It’s expected you will spend more time outlining this section than the other sections.)
Wrap up.

This presentationMUSTdemonstrateexcellent knowledge in the following areas:

Ability to interpret and explain the role of marketing theory in contemporary business
Evaluate the importance of responsible leadership, sustainable business practices and global orientation to the marketing function
Critically evaluate the situational influences on marketing practices across a range of industries and companies
Propose strategies based on evidence, identifying competitive advantage, target market and positioning
Ability to create and evaluate applied strategic marketing to real life companies/situations

Rubric – Writer, please ensure you are familiar with the requirements below and ensure that what you deliver to me ticks all five boxes.I will make the video and audio, but I need you to write the paper and include compelling evidence and creative solutions that are suitable for presenting to the board or snr executive team at D. Jones in the format you deliver to me, thank you.

A FEW LINKS THAT MAY BE HELPFUL – use at your discretion

Innovation and In:fluence: Interview with Peter Zaballos, CMO of SPS Commerce (report shows Australia ranked #3 in the world in the Global Omnichannel Retail Index

Interview. Research Highlights. AIMIA 2014 • How Australian retailers are … omni-channel retailing has past the tipping point of being an accepted business.

Retailers: Are you leading—or lagging? Deloitte Omnichannel Customer Experience Index 2016

13 Companies Doing Omnichannel Retail Brilliantly

13 Companies Doing Omnichannel Retail Brilliantly

Retail’s biggest bounce in 2.5 years offers hope to beleaguered sector