Olympia Machine Company Inc

Olympia Machine Company Inc Case Study

Order Instructions:
I identified that the main issue that Olympia Machine Company, Inc. faces is that, since they are in a mature and slow growing market, they have to figure out the best method to encourage more sales effort from their salespeople, reduce expenses and avoid their turnover, specially to their competitors. Leaders at Olympia believe that they are able to boost sales and retain their salesforce by modifying the method that their salespeople get compensated, which is currently of straight salary plus expenses. It is not an easy task since there are different alternatives to be considered and all of them has various implications for the business operations. The company would have to align the right strategy with its implementation, cross-functional incentive systems along with managing sales.

Choose 2 – 3 alternative solutions that you feel will solve the problem and evaluate their ability to solve the problem/issue:
Select the alternative you feel will best solve the problem/issue and include implementation activities you feel are critical for that alternative to be successful.

Detail how the “Best Alternative” will be implemented.
Select one or more metrics that you can use to evaluate whether or not your alternative solved the problem/issue.