Impact of political systems and Trade Embargoes

Topic: Impact of political systems and Trade Embargoes
Study Books Used in Class:
Carbaugh, R.J. (2011). Global Economics. US: South-Western.
Description: 1) Looking back at history, most East Asian countries were under some form of authoritarian government during the period of take-off; for example, General Chiang Kai-shek was head of Taiwan, General Park Chung Hee was head of South Korea, the British government ruled in Hong Kong, and the military ruled Thailand.
• Does the political system have anything to do with the miracle?

2) Trade embargoes are commonly used by developed countries to punish countries that do not adhere to accepted international community relations. The US in particular has imposed trade embargoes on Vietnam, Iraq, Cuba, North Korea, Libya and others.
To what extent do these embargoes work? Are these embargoes more deadly than, say, an outright war?