.Human Resource Planning

People in Organisations – Assignment 2
Order Instructions:
•Select two of the following areas of HR strategy using theory and models from your research, and
•Critically evaluate their practical application within your organisation or one you are familiar with.

1.Human Resource Planning
2.Recruitment and Selection
3.Human Resource Development
4.Performance Management

The assignment should be in report format and should be addressed to the HR Director. Imagine that they will be interested in the basis of your analysis as well as your conclusions and ensure that you draw upon relevant literature and research to support your analysis.

Your report should culminate in a clear set of recommendations as to how the selected strategy might be improved in supporting organisational goals and priorities.
Assignment Structure Shoud be as report as follows:

a. Tell what is strategic HR and why it is important
b.what two topics you are chosen and why
c. Describe the organization you select

Topic 1:
a. Describe and define the topic
b. Apply on your organization

Topic 2:
a. Describe and define the topic
b. Apply on your organization

General Conclusion:
a. Topic 1
b. Topic 2

General recomendation
a. Topic 1
b. Topic 2

Important Notes:
Don’t use short paragraphs
Don’t use overuse the points and bulets