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Global Market Research Case Study Analysis

Global Market Research Case Study Analysis

Resources: Case 3-2: Sperry/MacLennan Architects and Planners of Marketing Research (Aaker, Kumar, & Day): Reference for Article: Aaker, D. A., Kumar, V., & Day, G. S. (2007). Marketing research (9th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Write a word case study analysis of the Sperry/MacLennan Architects and Planners case. Address the following in your analysis:

• Describe the situation discussed in the case.

•Identify the key issues for the organization in your selected case.

•Discuss possible ways the organization might address these issues.

•Based on your analysis of the case, explain the value of market research in the global community.


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Pushlocal – Case study

Topic: Pushlocal – Case study
Paper instructions:, is a new and exciting social platform for businesses. I need a case study that is simple but powerful and show business owners the reasons how pushlocal can generate more revenue for their business.

Pushlocal allows businesses to push notifications to customers and people in their local area straight to their mobile phone. They can push deals, daily specials, offers, and vs email / paper advertisement its straight to consumer handset so it’s live and instant.

700 – 825 -words max

Introduction into why mobile tech is the future of advertisement

How pushlocal can help generate more revenue for business

Howand why they should use pushlocal . 


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Enterprise Architectures

Enterprise Architectures
Enterprise Architecturenterprise Dr. Stephan Aier
1 Formal requirements
This is the final examination for the course Enterprise Architectures. This document comprises a case description (section 2) and questions you are ex-pected to answer (section 3). The solution that you hand in should comprise the answers to these questions. The case description provides the necessary background. Wherever necessary and helpful for your solution make your own assumptions beyond the case description and document these assumptions.
Your solution should be a text document that optionally may contain illustrations supporting your arguments. The document format can be defined by yourself, however, your solution must not exceed 7,000 words including all headings, tables, appendices etc. Please provide your solution as a Microsoft Word file or as a PDF file.
2 Case description
The insurance company �Caredenia� is established for more than 100 years in some Europe-an countries and has established a high reputation in the area of health insurance. Caredenia�s key to success were their very competitive products for health insurance. In benchmark tests their health insurance products were always among the very best. Therefore sales has never really been a challenge for Caredenia since customers actively approached the company for buying their products. Still, earnings were rather high.
In recent years, however, the market changed fundamentally. First, costs of health care in-creased dramatically. Second, new players particularly in the area of online/direct insurers entered the market. Online/direct insurers have significant cost advantages since they do not run an extensive network of insurance agencies. They rather sell and process insurances di-rectly via internet. Third, the health insurance market faces evermore legal regulations that affect Caredenia�s business. The future of health care and health insurances respectively is unclear.
Consequently, Caredenia has to improve the efficiency of their business and they have to improve the effectiveness and power of their sales department. Next to organizational changes, IT and information systems are pivotal for this transformation.

Questions in section 3

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Historical Perspective and Critical Analysis

Historical Perspective and Critical Analysis (2-4 pages)
Research, apply and outline the historical processes and perspectives of case management and counseling as it has evolved in human service delivery in relation to this scenario. How would the situation have been dealt with in the past?
Critically evaluate at least two articles from the Virtual Library and at least one other scholarly
source of your choosing (an organization’s website). Show how these sources relate to your
case. These sources may deal with the historical perspective of the scenario chosen or with your
recommendations for dealing with the current state.

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St. Martha’s General Hospital Scenario. 
Health care is an extremely regulated industry mostly because of the especially vulnerable nature of its customers, the patients.

Legislators have created numerous laws to control everything from the process of insurance to how a patient must be treated and what they must be told by medical personnel.

Individuals who break these laws can be subject to civil or criminal liability, so it is extremely important that every healthcare worker know and understand the laws related to his or her job.

For this discussion,  use the St. Martha’s General Hospital Scenario. After reviewing that scenario and reviewing the laws that you learned ,  discuss a healthcare law that may have been broken by an employee of St. Martha’s General Hospital.

Identify any scenario where the law has been broken.

Discuss the major points of the law.

Analyze the facts of the hypothetical situation against that law to explain how the employee broke the law. Support your ideas with evidence from your readings.

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Small Businesses and Social Media

Preliminary literature review for a case study of small businesses and social media in Kuwait.
What to look for in the literature:
* Define the challenges/difficulties for small businesses
* Define the opportunities for small businesses
* Relevance and importance of social media
* Link social media with small businesses
* Look for theoretical framework (very important)
//Going to upload a report and some articles for this review, please add 2-3 relevant sources as well.

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Biomedical science case study

It is a case study assignment with 3 questions which will be uploaded. Some laboratory test and results are given regard to the patient’s situation. questions have to be answered according to the result and prediction of patient’s illness.
Test result must be interpreted accurately to get the right answer for question.
Each question has percentage which indicates the worth of question in total grade. question 1 must be really focused as it contain %50 of whole grade.
I am paying for first class grade, so hopefully the assignment quality will be first class.

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Business Report Case Study

Read the Case Study below and use this as basis for your report.
ABC Clothing: HRD strategy of ‘build not buy’
ABC Clothing is a manufacturer of leading brand casual wear employing 1500 people across the UK. Concerns were raised about inconsistent sales performances within the organisation. It was recognised and accepted within the division that a step change in effectiveness was needed.
As part of an organisation refocusing process a ‘people strategy’ was launched that gave more responsibility to line managers for the HRM process to improve the sales performance. The HR strategy comprised three main strings: A ‘build not buy’ approach to recruitment and development; performance management and rewards; all of which were linked to the wider business strategy and to a number of organisational performance targets.


Use the Case Study as your frame of reference and write a 2000 word report, addressing the following points.

Identify the potential resource and skills gaps, relating to the changes, necessary to meet the organisational objectives. In your answer you should address the following:
a.What are the current skills and what new skills might be necessary to meet the new challenges?
b. Consider the current and potential job design and job descriptions:
What are the responsibilities of the organisation to develop these skills in their employees?
What are the individual’s responsibilities in developing their skills?
If you were one of the line managers, how will you create a personal professional plan for yourself?
a.What are your current skills?
b.What skills will you need for the specific position?
c.How and when will you develop those skills?

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Assignment 4 – Case Study:

Please this case study need a write who live in Australia, Victoria, Melbourne city because the write have to go to a place here in Melbourne to appal to do this case,This case study requirement to visit a place read the structure below to know which place and more details…

please the safe work method statement must be completed and submitted here or sent it to my email before you undertake the assignment don’t worry about my details I will fill it later but fill the rest please, It is a hurdle requirement so must be done, or no marks for assignment and I will sent it to my teacher to check it.

Assignment 4 – Case Study 40%
This component of the assessment involves conducting a waste assessment and preparing a
draft waste management plan for an individual facility or workplace. The outcome of your
investigation should be a report that explains the specific waste management issues relevant
to the site under investigation and provide practical recommendations on how waste can be
reduced over time. Your recommendations must relate back to the data and information you
have gathered.

Note the hurdle requirement for this assignment.

The report should be addressed to the facility or workplace for which you have conducted
this project. That is, it must be written in such a style that explains the aims of the plan and offers recommendations that can be implemented. The report should contain:

Please note: I have specifically not placed a word limit on this assignment or a writer recourse. It is up to you to ensure that the report meets its objectives. You should think carefully about how you will present data and other components of the report.

*Executive Summary
- Main findings and recommendations
*Description of the facility
- background information on location and type(s) of facility
- demographic data such as numbers of staff, material produced, floor size
 -description of current waste management practices (systems and costs)

*Rationale for waste assessment
- Reasons for conducting the waste assessment (ie., ranging from legislative
compliance to desire to minimise waste)

 -Description of the actual waste assessment and ways in which data was collected.
(eg., interviews, collection of bins, waste analysis)

*Description of waste generating processes, including:
- waste generation rates, composition, disposal routes
 -management costs ‐ labour, transport etc.

*Results from the waste assessment
- graphs, tables
- appendices for large amounts of data
 -photographs

*Analyses of results
- waste minimisation opportunities
 -savings analysis

*Recommendations for waste minimisation
 -Specific aim of future waste minimisation
 -Waste Minimisation Strategy for Facility.
 -Actions necessary to implement recommendations
 -Timeframe to achieve recommendations.

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Case Study

write a minimum of 600 words in length defending your responses to the following questions.
 Do you think this was a financial audit, a project audit, or a management audit? Why?
 Was the purpose of the audit to exert cybernetic control, go/no-go control, or postproject control? Explain?
 Given the comments in the case, do you surmise that the reason for the audit was to improve future projects or to ascertain the reasons for not meeting the project’s goals, and if the latter, its direct goals or ancillary goals?
 Do you think the GAO was the best choice for an audit team? Would it have the trust of the project personnel?
 Given the minimal elements of a project audit present in Section 12.2, which element(s) would have been primary to the audit team? Why? Which section would have contained the “underlying problems” reported in the case?
Your assignment must:
 Be a minimum of 600 words in length.
 Be typed, double-spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
 Include a cover page containing the tile of the assignment (Unit VIII Case Study), the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

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