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Topic of your paper: Target Cell Uptake

Topic of your paper: Target Cell Uptake
Subject: Biology
Steroidal lipid-soluble hormones are carried around in the blood by plasma-binding proteins. Then, when the plasma-binding protein complex encounters (target) tissue, the hormone generically diffuses through the cell membrane. Referring to the paper by Willnow and Nykjaer (2010), explain how the target cell actually takes up the hormone. Be sure that you discuss specific hormone examples discussed by the authors. Take up no more than ½ typed page to formulate your response.

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A Term Paper on Protein Purification

Write a term paper on protein purification

Protein purification is a series of processes intended to isolate one or a few proteins from a complex mixture, usually cells, tissues or whole organisms. Protein purification is vital for the.. to receive the full answer CLICK ORDER NOW

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The Importance of Ethics to The Process of Policy Making on Pandemic Outbreak

A wave of pandemic illness can host a variety of ethical considerations. Please apply the importance of ethics to the process of policy making regarding pandemic outbreak and other future pandemic issues. Need one refernce APA format

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BIOLOGY- Restriction Enzymes

Which of the following two restriction enzymes produce the same single-stranded sticky ends?

SfiI and DdeI
EcoRI and PacI
HindIII and SacI
ApaI and XmaI
TspEI and ApoI

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Obesity is an increasing trend in America. Studies tie obesity in both men and women with infertility. In women, obesity increases the levels of estrogen. How might these higher levels of estrogen affect the female reproductive system

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Culture Media

Explain briefly the following culture media: a)Nutrient media/complex media b)Synthetic media c)Selective media D) defined media E) Enriched media F) liquid media G) slant (solid)

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Applications of Biotechnology

Evaluate current or future applications of biotechnology in the fields of medicine or agriculture.

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Write a 250 words essay in APA format based on the definition of epidemiology, the evolution of epidemiology as liberal art, ethics and philosophy of epidemiology

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Marine Biology

Marine Biology (I need a pre-proposal). 

Pre-Proposal Submissions
Persons with an interest in obtaining support for their research should review the Marine Mammals and Biology (MMB) program topics and goals to evaluate the potential overlap between ONR MMB program goals and areas of interest and their research. The next step in assessing the potential for support is to submit a brief (two- to three-page) pre-proposal (also referred to sometimes as a planning letter or white paper) to the program. The pre-proposal is intended to be an informal document submitted to the program that briefly describes the rationale and nature of the work to be proposed, the approach to addressing questions posed and estimates for the research costs.

Pre-proposals should:

Clearly and concisely describe the nature and objectives of the work proposed.
Indicate the amount of time needed to conduct the research.

Include a short one- to two-page CV for each principal investigator (PI).

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Antimicrobial Agents

Week 8 Assignment
Application: Antimicrobial Agents

Antimicrobial agents are essential components in the treatment of various bacterial infections as they help to kill or prevent the growth of microbes such as bacteria, fungi, and protozoans. Prior to the discovery of antimicrobial agents, treatment options for patients with bacterial infections were limited. For many patients, treatment often resulted in the amputation of limbs or even death. Today, treatment options for bacterial infections typically have a more positive prognosis. Due to the various types of infections presented in patients, it is essential to be able to identify the underlying cause of the infection—whether bacterial or viral—before recommending drug treatments. This will help you identify whether or not an antimicrobial agent would be appropriate and which specific agent would target the infection. In this Assignment, you consider the appropriate use of antimicrobial agents for infections.

To prepare:

•Review this week’s media presentation on principles of antimicrobial therapy, as well as Chapter 8 of the Arcangelo and Peterson text.
•Consider the categories of antimicrobial agents.
•Think about differences between viral and bacterial infections.
•Reflect on why proper identification of the infection is key to selecting the proper antimicrobial agent.

To complete:

Write a 2- to 3- page paper that addresses the following:
•Describe the categories of antimicrobial agents.
•Describe differences between viral and bacterial infections.
•Explain why proper identification of viral and bacterial infections is key to selecting the proper antimicrobial agent.

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