management, innovation and organization performance; Msc

This is a written report prepared collectively by a team that reflects on the seminar activities that have been used to simulate different aspects of the innovation process – including knowledge exploration, knowledge exploitation, managing inter-dependencies (the first 3 seminar activities that you have been involved in).

Based on these experiential learning activities (and the accompanying readings in lectures and seminars), the team will write a report that should include:

1. An analysis of the innovation processes that were experienced through the different activities. This should include reference to relevant concepts, theories and models that we have covered in the module so that you demonstrate that you understand how these theoretical ideas link to the practices that emerged during the different activities.

2. Reflections on the efforts of your group (what you did and how effective this was) during the group activities that you have participated in over the term, including efforts made to include all team members, what you learnt about team-working and other reflections on your group process as it pertains to managing innovation processes.

3. In the appendices you should include a summary of the team roles taken by individual group members during the activities and the writing of the group report including one paragraph reflective statements from each member as to their contributions during the activities and the writing. This part need not be included in the word count.