Human Resource Selection

why the interview is generally invalid and unreliable.
Study Books Used in Class:
1. Textbook: The prescribed textbook for this unit is
Gatewood, R.D., Field, H. S., & Barrick, M. 2011, Human Resource Selection, 7th Edition, South-Western Cengage Learning, Mason, OH, USA.
2. Other Resources
Cook, M., 2009. Personnel Selection: Adding Value Through People, 5th ed., Wiley-Blackwell, UK.
Please refer to the Blackboard for additional resources as cited in the weekly readings.
# Task: As a selection tool, the interview has been found to be unreliable and invalid. Discuss the reasons for why the interview is generally invalid and unreliable. Suggest ways in which the interview can be made a more useful tool for selection, and discuss how at least two other selection tools can be incorporated into the selection process to improve selection decision making.

# follow the marking guid please :
Introduction (2.0 Marks)
Background – Scope and significance of the topic -Identification and clear statement of issues through relevant literature search – Plan of argument
Discussion and analysis (6 marks)
Discussion using current examples either from literature (referenced ) and/or from workplace experience;
Also drawn on appropriate assigned readings and additional research into the relevant literature
Demonstration of originality and creativity
Critical Thinking and evaluation from multiple perspectives
(3.0 marks)
Arguments used to strengthen the key points and justification for differences in perspectives
Relevance of the two other selection tools (3.0 marks)
Arguments to support the relevance of the tools and the way the arguments are presented and how drawn on appropriate and relevant literature and undertaken additional research
Use of best practice examples and current literature
Conclusion (1.5 Marks)
Implications and a brief summary – contribution to effective workplace diversity management
References/Bibliography (3.0 Marks)
Correct and appropriate referencing using Harvard referencing style throughout the report and in Bibliography
Presentation/Format (1.5 Marks)
Use of appropriate presentation style
Word Limit – 1500words
Additional Comments: Total: / 20 Marks